Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Instantly Generate New Customer Leads For Your Business!

Maximize Your Conversion Rate For Paying Customers

Are you looking for ways to increase your business’ online reach to potential customers? Are you looking for more cost-effective ways to advertise to your target audience without blowing your marketing budget like how you would with print, radio and TV?

With Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), you can easily maximize your website’s customer reach and minimize your advertising spend by paying only for traffic that clicks through your ad, which leads to your website.

Getting Quality Leads for Your Business
At Hover and Click, our PPC experts can help your business to zoom in on your targeted customer niche by providing the most relevant keywords for your PPC campaign. This ensures that traffic going to your website are quality leads, which increases the probability of converting them into your paying customers.

Keep Your Advertising Spend Low
Besides focusing on choice keywords for maximum impact, we will also help you manage your advertising budget that is within your comfortable spend range on a monthly, weekly and even daily limit.

Track and Monitor Your PPC Campaigns
It is important to know how effective each PPC campaign is in meeting your marketing objectives. You will be provided access to detailed reports and tracking tools to monitor the click-through rates and conversion rates. This will allow our team to work closely with you to implement, execute, track and monitor the progress of your PPC campaign for the results you are looking for.

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