SEO Copywriting

Engage Your Customers With The Right Words

Own Your Language, Own Your Customers

Very often, the visitors that land on your website are your target customers who are searching for something in particular and your website was the answer provided by the search engines. Then, how do you sell to them after they have landed on your website?

Indeed, your web content is very much like your salesman in your brick and mortar shop. The content that your target customers read from your website will be your best sales pitch for whatever you are trying to sell.

Be Clear and Concise In Your Sales Pitch
What your customers read on your website is exactly the impression that they will get about the product, service or idea that you are selling to them. It is a one-way communication since your potential customer can’t ask a question on the spot akin talking to a salesman in the shop. Thus, it is crucial that your content is clear and easy to understand in layman terms so that customers can relate better.

Go The Extra Mile With Your Content
With the vast amount of content on the Internet today, all your competitors are vying for your customers’ attention too. Most businesses are expending their energy on perfecting their web content with bombastic words and language that is engaging and persuasive. What else can you do to get that extra edge?

Get An Extra Edge Over Your Competitors With SEO Copywriting
The truth is, your content is only worth its weight in gold if your target customers ever get a chance to read it. How is this so? Your customers are always on the go, and chances are they will only click on the web results that appear on the first one or two pages in the search engine. If your website is not there, your content will just be collecting dust in a sad corner. Your content needs to be search engine optimized (SEO) to increase your chance of securing top rankings in the search engines.

At Hover and Click, your web copy will be written to meet your business sales and marketing objectives, and optimized for the search engines to get your website a good ranking in the results page. This will be effective in getting greater exposure and driving web traffic to your website.
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