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Grow Your Corporate Brand With Viral & Eye-Catching Video

See Your Web Traffic Soar With High Quality Video

With the online platform, you can achieve good corporate branding by incorporating a high quality corporate video in your website and your own YouTube channel. It is often said that a picture paints a thousand words, and this is even more so for moving images with sound in a video.

Use Video To Create Positive Customer Perception Of Your Brand
If you are looking to increase brand awareness for your business, one important area to take note of is your customer’s perception of your brand. Once you can create a positive image in your customers’ mind, the likelihood of them remembering your brand will increase significantly.

Trigger Your Customers To Be Active And Take Action
Video marketing is effective in building your brand awareness because it instantly adds the human touch to your business. It ignites the mental and emotional states within the viewer, which also triggers him/her to be more active in taking action to buy your product/service or whichever your intended action.

Increase Your Web Ranking With Video Marketing
It will also help in driving web traffic to your website because the search engines recognize video as part of web content. Hence, it will increase your web rankings in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Videos can also give your brand greater exposure by embedding it in YouTube – either standalone or in your channel. This will increase user engagement and likelihood of target customers finding you.

For a long-term online marketing strategy, it is always best practice to incorporate various forms of web content from written text to videos, so that your business can get the most mileage in terms of online exposure, which will drive more traffic to your website ultimately.

At Hover and Click, we can help you optimize your corporate video to increase your overall web rankings in the search engines.

Hover & Click Pte Ltd is one of the fastest growing online marketing companies in Singapore. We provide Singapore first one-stop enterprise level online marketing solutions. Our team encompasses professionals certified by Google, Search Engine Academy and Facebook.

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