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Your Customers Are Your Best Salespersons

Social media marketing has been a common buzzword in online marketing campaigns. What drives the popularity of using social media to increase web traffic to websites?

What Makes Social Media Marketing Effective?
Two elements. The first being word-of-mouth, where the effectiveness of social media marketing comes from the spread of marketing messages from one customer to another. The second element is the viral effect of the marketing message, which gives rise to the multiplier effect from user sharing, and in turn, drives web traffic up. Both elements work hand-in-hand to create more buzz and exposure for your website.

How Does It Work For Your Business?
With social media sharing, it can take the form of various content types – from articles to videos. This is done through community platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs etc.

As sharing will usually be done by people who have encountered the business’ product or service in some way, this will raise the level of credibility and authority of your website. In turn, your web rankings will also increase in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Always Monitor and Moderate
As much as this form of third-party endorsement can raise the customers’ perception of your brand tremendously, it can also bring it down just as quickly. This can occur in instances where people share negative news or experiences about the business. Hence, it is important to get a moderator to monitor what kind of sharing is going on. Also, in instances where customers vent their unpleasant experiences, you can respond appropriately and timely to maintain the brand’s reputation in the eyes of the customer.

At Hover and Click, we ensure that your social media campaign brings maximum positive impact to your brand and drives web traffic to your website.

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