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You may be wondering what is whiteboard animation – it is a fairly new Internet marketing tool that is steadily gaining popularity amongst businesses all over.

How To Present Your Marketing Message In A More Interesting Way
Sometimes referred to as doodle animation or scribing, whiteboard animation is a method that allows you to present your marketing message to customers in a more interesting way. Instead of just plain text or audio, the animation artist will translate your ideas into drawings on a whiteboard to create the visual element in your communication.

Engage Your Customers All The Way
In this way, viewers will be more focused when watching the video and increases the probability of them following through the entire message. This naturally increases the persuasion effect of your intended message, and encourages your target customers to take action.

Secure Higher Web Rankings With Whiteboard Animation
By incorporating whiteboard animation in your website, it will instantly amp up the ‘interesting’ factor of your site and encourage visitors to stay longer to check out your web content. This is also considered as video content, which can be optimized for higher rankings in the search engines. Thus, it also helps to increase web traffic to your website.

Not Too Long, Not Too Short
Usually, the time length of each whiteboard animation will be around two minutes, so as to get maximum impact from it. Any longer than this, and your target customers will start to get distracted and stop watching the video. In this case, your marketing message will lose its essence and get diluted because customers did not finish watching the video.

Affordable and Effective Way To Get Your Message Out
Whiteboard animation is an affordable and effective way to reach out to your target customers. At Hover and Click, you can be assured of good quality animation at reasonable rates and clear communication of your marketing messages.

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